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Kiss happiness/coca cola campaign

“Kiss Happiness” aired across parts of Latin America, Western Europe, and Central and Southern Europe in spring 2015 and, as of April, its momentum only continued to grow. Across YouTube and Facebook, the comments rave about the song choice. Shortly after going to air, Gedina and Coca-Cola commercially released a full version of the "First Time, First Love" on iTunes, Spotify, and other major outlets, where it’s gained nearly 2 million streams. The spot also topped the UK and Germany's list of most Shazamed ads. In August 2015, KURA, a Portuguese electro-house music DJ and Producer, also released an international remix of the spot.


season 3 - blind audition

Gedina was featured on Season 3 of The Voice Blind Auditions.


song placement

Season 1: Episode 10 Gedina's song "Just Can't Get Enough" was featured on MTV's Scrubbing In.

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