Gedina is proof of all the wild magic that comes from living with utter boldness and crystal-clear

intention. Not only an accomplished singer/songwriter, the L.A.-based artist has fearlessly forged

her path as an entrepreneur, martial-arts instructor, and fierce advocate for women’s

advancement in industries of all kinds, with each endeavor engaging her force-of-nature energy

and firecracker spirit. And with her magnetic brand of mermaid-pop—a sound shaped by her

lifelong status as a salty-haired surfer girl—Gedina makes music that uplifts and elevates while

leaving a life-changing impact.

On her 2018 debut album Tell’em, Gedina introduced the world to the raw passion and

uncompromising honesty essential to her mission as an artist: instilling women with the courage

needed to rewrite their own stories, and to build a more beautiful reality for themselves. “There

are so many women who struggle with self-esteem, who believe they’re not enough or they’re too

much,” says Gedina. “What I strive to do with every song is help women find their voice, to stay

in their power, and to dismantle all the things that no longer serve them.”

Raised by a single dad in Santa Cruz, Gedina discovered her love of singing as a little girl, thanks

largely to the Little Mermaid soundtrack and to the golden-voiced icons she finds infinitely

formative. “I didn’t have a mom in my home, but what I did have was Mariah, Christina, Celine,

and Whitney,” she says. “They were all my sisters, they were my mom and my godmom and my

aunties—they were the women who raised me. What they gave me was that sense of self that

empowered me to get onstage and use my voice in a way that could make a difference.”

Graduating from high school at age 15—after spending her early-teen years busking and singing

in local clubs—Gedina later enrolled at UC Irvine and gigged in nearby blues bars. Heading to

L.A. once she’d finished school, she spent the coming years navigating the music industry

and—in 2012—landed a blind audition on season three of The Voice. That same year, Gedina

released her debut single “Shame,” revealing the depth of her warm authenticity and spirited

songwriting. By 2015, she’d scored an international hit with “First Time, First Love”—a track

that’s now amassed over 2.2 million streams on Spotify.

With Tell’em arriving last June, Gedina recently released a luminous new single called “Future

Soulmate.” Recorded at Angelhouse Studios in Torrance and produced by Drew Kapner (who’s

engineered records for artists like Jason Derulo and Twenty One Pilots), the track gives a rarely-

glimpsed look into the power of self-belief. “The message is that the universe is rigged in your

favor, and you can create whatever you truly want to have,” says Gedina. “And because

connection is at the core of what we desire as human beings, a soulmate can come in any form. It

could be your neighbor, your mailman, the older woman you sit with at the bus stop. As long as

you have that connection with another human, you can create miracles together.”

Set to appear at Coachella this spring, Gedina is now at work on her sophomore album. As she

continues to operate as an entirely independent artist, she’s also determined to disrupt music-

industry culture and carve out a space for female artists to fully express themselves. “In the book

world and the TV world there are women who are getting real and getting messy, being

vulnerable and open about what works and what doesn’t work,” Gedina says. “But there’s very

little in the mainstream-pop world for that inspirational, motivational, strong-female

personality.” And in her effort to blaze a new trail for women everywhere, Gedina again draws

inspiration from her enduring love of The Little Mermaid. “What resonates with me is the idea

that she lost her voice and then regained her voice, and she fought for what she wanted,” says

Gedina. “Yes, it’s a fairy tale—but if you take the bones of it, the idea is that nothing held her

back from creating and manifesting exactly what she desired.”

With Love and Gratitude, G